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Dear all,

thank you for attending online classes and participating by asking questions through the chat.

I imagine that following two hours of class online might be boring and it may be hard to keep the attention.

For that reason, I will introduce a break half way in the presentations, to open a short discussion on themes related to the discipline.

I have been asked to provide the slides in advance and in PDF for easier accessibility, which I will do.

I have been spending much time on preparing the Jupyter notebooks, that I hope will help you to explore in a more interactive way the material.

The notebooks have been also placed on Github (https://github.com/Unipisa/HLT), for those that have no student account for accessing the Jupyter server.

Jupyterlab is now integrated with Github, so that it can access directly repositories on Github (a restart of your kernel is needed).

You will see a GitHub tab on the left. Set the name to Unipisa and folder HLT.

I urge you to post questions also here, so that not only I can help you, but you can also help you each other.

Thank you for your patience and your suggestions are welcome.

Giuseppe Attardi